We have teamed up with suppliers who make pet care their business.

Products for nutritional meals, treats and snacks. Or for a variety of pet toys and bedding. As well as products for keeping your pets healthy.

We are an affiliate for these products, so if you do click through and purchase, we do gain a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Pet Care is essential when you Go House Sitting.

Here are a few items to keep on hand for pet care and for you as the house sitter.

Tick Remover Kit is essential for dogs in the UK or Europe, as well as packing some Bug Spray for yourself.

If you are new to dog sitting or you are wanting to learn more about a dogs behaviour, then Doggie Dan, the Online Dog Trainer is one place to start. We recommend you check out the Doggie Dan, the Online Dog Trainer FREE videos.

Make sure to pack a sturdy pair of waterproof boots or shoes. Pet and Country have a large range to choose from.

Wherever your pet sitting assignment takes you, learning the pets daily routine will make the house sit more enjoyable for both you and the pet.


Tick Remover Kit

When house sitting in the UK or Europe, we carry a TICK Remover kit. This item is available on AMAZON.


The Online Dog Trainer

I want to learn more about Dog Behaviour.

I want to accept a dog sitting assignment but I have no experience.

I want to feel confidenct when pet sitting dogs.

DOGGIE DAN provides informative and easy to understand techniques for puppy and dog training.


When you need information on dog behaviour, Your Dog Advisor is a well researched resource availble free to help you.

Whether you are are dog owner or a house sitter looking after dogs, knowing the behaviour of dogs makes the companionship so much easier.  

Dog Advisor has tips on:

  • dog breeds
  • best diet dog food
  • 15 Tips for Walking Two Dogs at the same time
  • 10 Common Dog Behaviour Problems and how to end them

 To learn more, check out their website at Your Dog Advisor.


“Like Hippocrates, we at Pooch & Mutt believe in the power of good nutrition, that ‘good health starts with what we eat’, and that this is as true for our four-legged friends as it is for us.


Pooch & Mutt foods are not only free from the junk found in a lot of dog foods, they are also packed with natural, powerful active ingredients to help your dog lead a happy, healthy life.”


Why we love these products. For the natural ingredients.


And you can have them delivered straight to your door.


Who are Doggie Solutions?

Doggie Solutions is an online retailer that specialises in selling Dog Products.


It was all started in 2003 by Chris Cole. Chris has been training dogs and competing in dog agility competitions since 1992.



In 1995, Chris became involved in training animals for films and television shows. Among the many productions, he has been involved in are 101 and 102 Dalmatians.



Doggie Solutions have a wide range of high-quality products available to choose from.

Including Memory Foam Dog beds to all different types of Dog Toys.


We are positive you will find something your Dog will adore.


Pet and Country is dedicated to resourcing the trendy lifestyle products we all love treating ourselves too. 



For the pet owner, we stock a full range of high quality, fashionable clothing and gifts which takes inspiration from the great outdoors.


We stock one of the widest ranges of grooming products available anywhere and we are constantly developing and evaluating new products.


We are constantly adding new ranges of products and our buyers are always searching for the best deals and promotions.



We stand behind every product we sell and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.  

“Who can resist a face like this?”

If you are wanting natural food products head to Pooch and Mutt. For pet toys, bedding and pet products check out Doggie Solutions. To pamper your adorable pet or yourself with outdoor wear and gifts, with shipping worldwide, check out Pet and Country.

Trusted HouseSitters

Trusted HouseSitters

Choose Your Ideal Verified Sitter & Enjoy A Peace Of Mind. Register With Us Now! Easy & Simple Process. Worldwide Locations. Be Part Of The Community. Meet Fellow Pet Lovers. Types: House & Pet Sitting, Long Term House Sits, Short Term House Sits, Short Term Pet Sits, Long Term Pet Sits.


Trusted Housesitters is one of the websites we choose to find house sitting assignments.

With house sitting assignments available worldwide, it makes signing up for a membership an easy solution.

If you need to learn more about How to Get Started House Sitting you can read more here.

If you are ready to get started with Go House Sitting, we have a 10 Step Checklist to guide you on your way.

  • Playing with Pets
  • Living Life like a Local
  • Trying new Food flavours
  • Sleep

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