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Welcome to Go Housesitting

Man and woman with two dogs
Housesitting in England with Daisy and Darcie

Hi, we are Terry and Maura from New Zealand. We are international housesitters who have been travelling full-time since February 2016.

During this time, we have completed over 100 house sits in some lovely locations in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the UK.

Go House Sitting was started as a way to help house sitters and homeowners like yourself understand all about house sitting and how to get started in this wonderful lifestyle.

That’s why Go House Sitting will guide you through the process of what you need to become a house sitter.

We can advise you on what to include to create a compelling profile, how to write an introductory email and give you insights into what makes a great house sitter.

And for homeowners, we can show you how to create a profile to attract an awesome house sitter.

Are you ready to Go House Sitting?

What is House Sitting?

Man and woman with two dogs
Housesitting Misty and Miki in France

So you have heard the term house sitting, but you’re still unsure of what it is? 

House sitting matches people leaving their homes for a period of time with house sitters who stay in that home while the owners are away. Often, but not always, there are pets to look after. Sometimes, there are gardens to be tended, pools maintained, and mostly no money changes hands. 

The homeowner gets the security of their home being lived in and their pets being looked after. 

The house sitter gets free accommodation and the opportunity to stay in a different location. This comes with the responsibilities agreed with the homeowner.

It is a win/win situation. 

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Our Housesitting Adventures

Boat on a canal
Barge on the Canal in the small village of Fontenoy le Chateau, Voges

Take a look at some of our inspiring housesitting locations.


The South of France conjures up visions of lovely towns near beautiful beaches. But there is so much more to see. As house sitters, we were able to explore many historic towns in this wonderful part of France.


Imagine staying for 6-weeks within easy driving distance of many Pueblo Blancos, the famous white towns of Andalucia. This was a wonderful way to discover a beautiful part of Spain and the region’s tasty food.


One of the world’s great cities, but accommodation is so expensive. How did we afford to stay there for more than a month? With house sitting, we have been able to stay in London twice for more than four weeks each time.


Staying in a small Italian village surrounded by olive trees, orchards, and vineyards seems like a dream. But we were able to live this dream as house sitters for more than five weeks.

New Zealand

Our home country, New Zealand, is spectacular for its stunning beauty. We love our hometown, Wellington, as a stepping point to the South Island mountains and lakes. In New Zealand, we use Trusted Housesitters or Kiwi Housesitters to find the perfect house.


The warmth of Australia is one way to escape the heat of a European summer if you prefer milder temperatures. However, if you escape the European winter, the heat in Australia can be overbearing. We have enjoyed exploring Sydney and Brisbane with housesitting.