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WHY GO HOUSE SITTING? This question is easily answered if you enjoy helping others, adore pets, have a love of travel, and are excited to experience new places to live.

House sitting can offer you a lifestyle where you can even save for a new home or a lifestyle of living like a local in a small village. And for homeowners, house sitting has become a new way to have security for their home with personal carers for their pets.

So, why Go House Sitting?

House Sitting can offer a new way of living, a new way of travel and a change in lifestyle at any age of your life journey.

If you are unsure of what House Sitting is, you can learn more here by clicking on this article What is House Sitting?

Here are a few reasons why

Go House Sitting is a Popular Lifestyle at any Age

Go House Sitting is an Alternative to Increasing Accommodation Costs

Hotel and Airbnb accommodation is becoming more expensive when travelling. And if living in large cities, rental accommodation costs are on the rise. These are some of the reasons people are turning to a new style of living and Go House Sitting.

For younger people who are saving for their first home, house sitting is an option to use while they save for a deposit. Imagine working in a large city and not having accommodation costs.

And if you adore pets and your rental landlord doesn’t, then house sitting can have the bonus of caring for pets, often not allowed when renting.

Is this sounding good?  Then house sitting is your perfect choice.

Live Like a Local with Go House Sitting

Perhaps you have dreamed of life in Italy, enjoying the beauty of France or exploring the countryside of England. Or experiencing the traditions of America, with wonderful cities in Canada or the warmth of the Caribbean and Mexico.

Is Asia calling you to enjoy its wondrous flavours of food? Can you see yourself living in countries like Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia?

As a house sitter, all of these countries and many more can become a reality to visit, live and explore.

Securing an international house sitting assignment can give you exciting experiences and when you Go House Sitting you can live like a local.

Go House Sitting as a Lifestyle for Freelancers

With the increase of Digital Nomads or Location Independent Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, the opportunity to work while caring for a house and pets makes house sitting the ideal lifestyle.

Without the financial worries of home ownership, landlords and utility bills, to Go House Sitting is the ideal solution for a lot of younger adults.

House sitting is becoming a lifestyle of choice.

And, for us older ones, to Go House Sitting is a way of starting an early retirement or even a gap year.

Making the decision to rent your home or even to sell the house is liberating. For one thing, decluttering is so liberating. Freeing yourself of responsibility will allow you the opportunity to escape the 9-5 and enjoy a lifestyle with a difference.

You can read more of our story here at TravelKiwis.

Reduce Costs of Pet Care with House Sitting

Getting a house sitter or using kennels or catteries?

With the low cost of house sitting versus the expense of housing loved pets in kennels or catteries, homeowners now have an alternative to engage a house sitter to care for their pets.

The advantage for the pets, is they get to stay in their environment and with their own routine.

Homeowners can then relax knowing their pets will be more settled, eating their favourite foods, enjoying treats and sleeping on their comfort rugs.

And for those homeowners who have pets like rabbits, horses, chickens or a tortoise, there are many house sitters ready to help.

How to Enjoy House Sitting Worldwide

TV documentaries, magazines and now the internet, has made the world so much closer. Where to travel, how to spend longer in one country, experiencing different cultures, needs time and money.

So how can you see more of this beautiful world?

As house sitting is becoming a worldwide opportunity there are now many websites offering homeowners a platform to showcase their home and pets needing a house sitter.

To learn more about the various house sitting platforms, click here House Sitting Websites.

With house sitting growing in popularity, homeowners need to be aware that there is competition to secure the in-demand house sitters.

For a homeowner, knowing how to attract quality house sitters to their home and areas outside of the popular towns and cities, a great profile is a necessity.

Are you ready to create an awesome Profile?

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Choosing a House Sitting Platform for you

Since we decided to Go House Sitting, we have seen an increase in the number of house sitting platforms connecting the homeowner with the house sitter.

Our first house sitting assignments were for friends in our home country of New Zealand and for friends who had moved to Australia. We found this trial a great way to help us in our decision to see if house sitting would suit us.

Choosing the right house sitting platform is important for your experience.

House sitting platforms act as the go-between the homeowner and the house sitter.

Therefore the right one is important.

Here is a selection of various house sitting platforms for you to compare.

Just click to learn more here on House Sitting Websites.

Travel for Longer on a Reduced Budget with Go House Sitting

House sitting is the win/win for both the homeowner and the house sitter.

Homeowners no longer have to worry about paying expensive kennel fees or catteries. The money that would have been spent, can now be spent on making their travel experience better. Maybe a private sightseeing tour, an overnight stay in New York, are just some of the possibilities.

House sitters no longer need to book hotel or Airbnb accommodation. The money saved can now be spent on extending their travels, enjoying a wonderful candlelit dinner on The Seine in Paris, are just some of the possibilities.

What a great win/win.

Can a Homeowner Go House Sitting?

Homeowners can be house sitters too.

What better way to experience life in a French village, a Spanish festival, the warmth of the Caribbean or the beauty of New Zealand. Whether planning for a two-week vacation or a month-long stay, house sitting can work in favour of a homeowner.

Homeowners make wonderful house sitters as they understand the expectation of caring for a home. And if they also are pet owners, they know the care they would expect for their pets.


So Why Go House Sitting?

We believe the option to Go House Sitting will provide house sitters and homeowners with a win/win for both. The cost savings are significant for each while providing a wonderful alternative for pet care and accommodation.

If you are ready to learn more about Go House Sitting, we have a Guide to House Sitting to help you along in the process.

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